Wendy Rundberg, coach and trainer, will help to sharpen your personal performance to reach your goal. She already has experience in the field of personal performance for over 13 years. She guides individuals and teams to success with her engaged and professional way of working, and result driven mindset. 

Many companies have benefitted from her expertise. Wendy worked with corporates by crafting their businesspresentations, helped company’s to win Tenders with their presentations and coached various keynote and TEDx speakers.

Her program “video pitching for professionals” is great for entrepreneurs and other professionals whitch will help you profiling in this digital era.



Wendy works from the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, but is an online professional, so the world is her stage.

I help professionals to become more successful in business by presenting themselves better

My public speaking services:


This workshop will help you and your collegues sharpen their online presentations. In 2 hours you get all the tips and tops that you need to make a huge difference.

Executive coaching

We help you discover your core strengths and become your own unique brand of powerful presenter. We work with 3 elements: content – design – deliver

Corporate presentations

The best leaders know how to move people from vision to action. We’ll work right alongside you to develop targeted, effective messages that are delivered at the right time and in the right format.

Speak like ted workshop

Your TEDevent theme and strategy get people in the door and keep them talking about their experience long after it’s over. 

Tender presentations

Tender winning is the goal. Sharpen your tenderteam and make sure you are making the impact you need to succeed. Years of experience, working with my own methods… we will win the Tender.

Pitch training

What will you say when you have one minute of pitching? Are you able to be spot on and pinpoint what is nessecary to make an impression?

AIJA's public speaking coach

During the yearly congress of AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers – I help speakers and moderators. They practice and fine tune their presentations and speeches that they deliver during their workshops and working sessions that week. 

The kickoff is a public Speaking crash course, as part of the program. I’ve worked with this group in Brussels, Rome and The Hague. 

What a great orginisation is AIJA. Every year I look forward meeting these enthousiastic and ambicious lawyers from all over the world.